Stone tools, use of fire, and invention of the wheel …

Later the telephone and light bulb …

Now the Internet!

Every technological advancement and innovation in know-how over time has deeply impacted the way we interact with each other and with the world. So, while organizing events in the Digital Age, we cannot but be conscious of our daily brush with technology.

For instance, how about a comprehensive online event management platform? While enabling better control over timelines and expenses, a one-stop-shop portal can help you to remain connected with clients, partners, and customers, gain in-depth understanding of event requirements, and review data for future use. Let’s see how.

Connecting with Event Management Companies and Vendors For easy and reliable connection, an online event planning hub can be handy. Think of a vendor discovery platform: detailed information on a variety of vendors, from invitations to venues to decor to cuisine. Imagine a vendor service marketplace: from pan-India listing to selection based on location, budget, and customer review.

Event Budgeting and Scheduling Consider the ease of relevant information at your fingertips: a range of needs, budgets, and styles; you can choose vendors at a standardized and competitive price; and vendors can showcase their offerings and competitive edge.

Personalized and Do-It-Yourself Experience Being able to create and customize your event. One dedicated location for anything and everything related to event planning: manage vendors and guest list through a single window; draw up event checklists and schedules; design and send invites; and trigger alerts and RSVP notifications.

Connecting with Invitees Anytime from Anywhere Using the planning portal, you are able to share the page on social media platforms like Facebook, upload pictures of the event, invite friends to join, like, and share pictures. Where you can: create (create event); connect (connect with vendors); execute (execute your event); and socialise (socialise with friends and family).

Using Mobile Apps A great way to access information, search and find, choose, and activate. Look for options for white label apps and online ticketing solutions. From messaging to interfacing with social media to networking to gaining valuable customer feedback – Mobile Apps now have the potential to change the game for you.

Payment Gateway One cannot discount the benefits of a safe and secure payment gateway. Convenience in many ways: quick and reliable funds transfer, payment tracking, availing coupons and deals, and so on.

Diverse functions at one place?

Automation enabling greater focus on event activities?

More control over time, cost, and logistics?

All these desirable enablers can now be accessed via Flikeve – a resourceful online event planning hub to plan, create, and organize your social, public, marketing, or corporate event.

Next post, how vendors can reach out to customers using innovative technology.