So a guest arrives at a get-together.

An invitee, he is having a slow conversation with other guests.But lo and behold, suddenly he is swept along and made a co-MC – the co-driver of the evening’s proceedings!

He turns into an active catalyst shaping the overall experience of the occasion.

Impromptu, unpredictable, and definitely exciting, this participatory engagement seemingly on the spur infuses dynamism, which otherwise would have been hard to achieve.

Unique? A stand-apart experience? A participatory approach holds tremendous power to build cohesion in a group.

Here are more ways to liven up that special occasion you have been planning for a while now:

  • What’s in a quiz ? Individuals, groups, or teams – this fun-filled activity can be really tuned in to your needs. With competition in the air, there’s a lot of improvising that can be done. Commonly found information, anecdotes, facts, history, science, and geography can all be easily roped in to formulate tricky questions requiring even trickier answers! A quick-witted quizmaster only enhances the fun factor. Offers a great platform for public and personal events.
  • Only connect. Memorable words from a famous author. It is always a great occasion when you bring together people who have not met for a while. Geographical location, professional demands, travel, health issues – there can be many reasons keeping people from meeting each other oftener. This kind of get-together reunion can effectively engage a group of your clients and partners. So, create a platform, bring together your chosen group, and have a great time!
  • Sitting around the fire. Take up a particular theme, formulate questions around it, and then put them across to the participants for discussion and debate. A group gathered around a fire and openly conversing about issues is an age-old activity drawing inspiration from earliest recorded history. A great platform for personal and social events, it can be innovatively organized for corporate and marketing occasions. Long winter evenings are perhaps best suited.

Now, it may seem a costly affair to organize these theme-based events. Right? But have you actually searched and checked – rather, do you have the required tools to actually perform a custom search and check? Here Flikeve can be a helpful partner – your online event partner.

With Flikeve, you can search, explore, and select, guided by your idea and theme. You can gather information, locate that perfect venue, and create your own event. Making available resources for you to make meaningful decisions, Flikeve helps to convert that possibility into an actuality.

Events are serious business. So, next up would be common issues and problems to avoid in your planned occasion.