Can you organize your event …
right in the middle of the ‘clean desert’ (as someone, many moons ago, eloquently put it!),or a serene stretch of the deep blue with waves gently touching your feet, or
high in the mountains among whispering oaks and soaring eagles?


There are limitless possibilities, but can they be roped in and achieved in reality?

Moving on from an earlier generic piece on organizing events, let us see what we can consider while selecting the right venue for that personal, professional, or public event.

• The first stop. What kind of event are we planning? A social occasion, academic seminar, product launch, family day, concert, executive retreat, or something else? Is this a one-time event or a half-yearly / annual occasion? Is there a dress code or will it be dress-as-you-please? Same venue or a set of locations in rotation?

• What we need – why we need. If it is a half-yearly / annual event, can we study past history: review and analyze aspects related to food, decor, etc.? For a one-time event, are we inspired by any particular theme or idea? Everything flows logically, once event objectives and goals are set!

• Of budgets and schedules. What about food and catering, setup and décor, travel, invitees (delegates, speakers, presenters, or entertainers), and security / emergency plans? When will the event take place? Is it a single, continuous event or does it have breakout sessions? Answers to these help to define the character and style of an event.

• Just the right space. What is the total meeting space required? Would a meeting room, large hall, conference / convention centre, hotel ballroom, or auditorium work or is open space required? Does the location have adequate parking space? Avoid space crunch or a big hall with only few present – balance is everything.

• Additional conveniences. Is valet parking available? Does the location offer Wi-Fi services? Are mobile charging stations readily available? Are there adequate recreational facilities? Always helps to organize that ‘extra’ for guests – clients, sponsors, partners, customers, and invitees!

It would be wildly exorbitant to host an event at a ‘Five Star’ establishment, for instance, in a top-notch city hotel – right? It is one thing to presume, another to actually be able to search and check. Here Flikeve can be your online event partner, a helpful mate!

Flikeve makes available resources to help you make meaningful decisions while selecting your event venue and much more. With Flikeve, you can gather information about vendors and services, search, explore, and select that perfect venue, and create your own event.

Next post, exciting ideas and themes for your special event!