Given the fast-paced times we live in, we often wonder if there is a resourceful online event planning hub that connects event management companies and vendors with interested clients and customers for organizing events, big and small.


More specifically, for corporate events and special business occasions like executive retreats, conferences, annual meets, and family days, is there a single destination which can satisfy all our event-related requirements?

In an Executive Retreat, employees generally meet at an offsite location to discuss, attend seminars, participate in team-building activities, etc. While a conference involves a formal meeting for discussion, debate, and consultation, an Annual Meet (or Annual General Meeting / AGM) occasions a coming together of the general membership of an organization for a range of business activities. On the fun side, a Family Day brings together employees often as part of a staff motivation programme, to celebrate company success, or to reward employees.

Returning to our initial query as to the availability of a one-stop-shop for planning events of all hues and colours, do we have such an online portal for ready help?

Yes, there is … Flikeve India Pvt Ltd.

Flikeve brings anything and everything related to event planning on one dedicated platform. Flikeve satisfies the requirements of both customers and vendors. Catering to a range of needs, budgets, and styles, the virtual portal offers a personalized and do-it-yourself experience.

 Unique offerings from Flikeve include a pan-India listing of event management companies and vendors, creating and customizing events, managing vendors and guest list through a single window, designing and sending invites, handling event checklists and schedules, alerts, and RSVP notifications, and selecting vendors based on location, budget, and customer review. So there is something for every customer and vendor: while customers can choose vendors at a standardized and competitive price, vendors are able to showcase their offerings and competitive edge to customers with different requirements.

 So for an event involving a small and select gathering or a large and diverse group, you now have access to a single destination for all your event-related requirements. With Flikeve you can now plan your event in a few clicks – you can now ‘Flikeve’ an event!