Planning an event can be fun and exciting. All the more, as events celebrate people, unite and connect individuals, and offer unique opportunities to express creative ideas. Since events bring together people at a given place and time for a special purpose, we know there are multiple things which need attention and a range of aspects requiring special care. Organizing large events can be serious business.


So how do we approach this onerous task of hosting a successful event? We can do this wholly through event management companies or by creating an event on our own with support from chosen event planners and vendors.

Once we have worked out the objectives of the event, drawn up a working budget, and settled on a possible date, depending on the nature of the event, we can look for vendors specializing on venue, baking, decoration, catering, entertainment, photography, invites and printing, travel, costume designing, gift customizing, and so on. Again, as required, we may search for event organizers for helping us with creating a master plan encompassing venue, activities, food, etc., working out administrative functions including security services, and so on.

On the other hand, being an ardent follower of the do-it-yourself ethos, you want to create and customize your event, design and send invites, manage vendors and guest list through a single window, and avail features like event checklists and schedules, alerts, and RSVP notifications. For searching and choosing appropriate vendors and event organizers, you want to have access to a pan-India list of event management companies and vendors. You want to select vendors based on location, budget, and customer review.

Can both the facilities – managing an event through an event organizer and creating an event on your own with select vendor support – co-exist on a single platform?

Yes, it can … now you have Flikeve!

Flikeve is a resourceful online event planning hub that connects event management companies and vendors with interested clients and customers. Flikeve India Pvt Ltd caters to the requirements of both customers and vendors. So, now you can Flikeve your event!