Events play seminal roles in our social, economic, political, and religious lives. Of the four broad categories of events – social, corporate, marketing, and personal – marketing events now play an increasingly important role for companies, large or small. To understand the power and potential of events centered on marketing, let us look at four popular sub-categories of marketing events: trade shows, launch / promotional campaigns, press conference, and workshops / seminars.

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 A Trade Show is an exhibition where companies belonging to a particular industry display and demonstrate their latest products or services. There is ample opportunity to meet with industry partners and customers and study market trends and opportunities. Also referred to as a trade fair / exhibition or expo, a trade show may only be attended by company representatives and the press or be open to the public or be a mix of the two, where it is initially ‘trade only’, followed by ‘opening up’ to all.

 While a Launch often announces the unveiling of a product into the market, Promotional Campaigns use various marketing strategies to uphold the brand and to promote a business or event to a target audience. On the other hand, a Press Conference is where companies or newsmakers invite journalists and representatives from the press to hear them speak and ask questions.

 While a Workshop can be a series of meetings organized for interaction and exchange of information among a select group of individuals, a Seminar is often an academic exercise which brings together participants who actively engage, present, discuss, and debate on issues relating to a particular subject.

These four kinds of marketing events offer unique platforms to put into action creative marketing ideas. From highlighting the brand or product to connecting with target customers to engaging with partners and clients to reviewing market trends – there is a whole universe of opportunity for the organizer and host.