Events are not new for us. They have been here for ages. They are an integral part of our human existence and continue to play seminal roles in our social, economic, political, and religious lives. As social beings, we organize and participate in events.

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 From time immemorial, we have been celebrating events marking a range of occasions. An event is generally seen as a planned occasion of personal, professional, public, or social importance. It is understood as something which has special significance for both organizers and participants.

 For our understanding, let us divide events into four broad categories: (a) Social, (b) Corporate, (c) Marketing, and (d) public. Now, let us look at the range of events: wedding, birthday, anniversary, party, executive retreat, conference, annual meet, trade show, promotional campaign, press conference, workshop / seminar, concert, award ceremony, sports event, theme party, and so on. In a sense, given the wide range of occasions for us to meet and to celebrate, we really have an ‘event-full’ life!

 We participate in events and we also organize them. While participation may look to be an apparently easy activity, it has its own demands of choice or compulsion. Here we will focus on the more demanding activity of organizing an event. For, at some point in time, we have had to play the role of an organizer and, as we know, that role is never easy.

 In subsequent posts, our discussion will revolve around the nature of social, personal, marketing, and corporate events. We will look at the complete cycle of organizing an event: from conceptualizing to planning to manage to host. We will try to see how we can effectively scout, for example, for an event management company or event planner in India. We will try to look for easy but sure-footed solutions to either self-plan an event or organize one through an event planner. And, for a wholesome understanding, we will try to study a range of actual events: from executive retreat to wedding, from birthday to conference, from annual meet to theme party.