Quick Ways To Opt Best Event Planning Services

Event planning is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hassles to do it perfectly and that’s where you need some advice to do this in an effective manner. If you are someone who is planning to host an event, you need to do it bit carefully.

First thing first, before you start anything, you need to choose with the professional event planning services or event planner to get it done professionally.

Check their quote, professionalism, experience and ask for some samples that they have done earlier. This will help you make a better decision with smart approach.

Once you are done with the event planning service provider or event organizer, then ask them about the overall print right after describing/briefing your need. If you have something in your mind, share your things with him.

If at the same time if you have no ideas about the same thing then you have no other option left other than checking their existing patterns, choosing one out of them. This will help you make your event more memorable and amazing.

You can also refer Google to check the theme, design, search the venue and comparing other things to get it done smartly. The overall procedure is quite easy and comfortable. With, you can have best event planning services…



Event Planning: 6 Ways to Harness Technology for that Special Occasion


Stone tools, use of fire, and invention of the wheel …

Later the telephone and light bulb …

Now the Internet!

Every technological advancement and innovation in know-how over time has deeply impacted the way we interact with each other and with the world. So, while organizing events in the Digital Age, we cannot but be conscious of our daily brush with technology.

For instance, how about a comprehensive online event management platform? While enabling better control over timelines and expenses, a one-stop-shop portal can help you to remain connected with clients, partners, and customers, gain in-depth understanding of event requirements, and review data for future use. Let’s see how.

Connecting with Event Management Companies and Vendors For easy and reliable connection, an online event planning hub can be handy. Think of a vendor discovery platform: detailed information on a variety of vendors, from invitations to venues to decor to cuisine. Imagine a vendor service marketplace: from pan-India listing to selection based on location, budget, and customer review.

Event Budgeting and Scheduling Consider the ease of relevant information at your fingertips: a range of needs, budgets, and styles; you can choose vendors at a standardized and competitive price; and vendors can showcase their offerings and competitive edge.

Personalized and Do-It-Yourself Experience Being able to create and customize your event. One dedicated location for anything and everything related to event planning: manage vendors and guest list through a single window; draw up event checklists and schedules; design and send invites; and trigger alerts and RSVP notifications.

Connecting with Invitees Anytime from Anywhere Using the planning portal, you are able to share the page on social media platforms like Facebook, upload pictures of the event, invite friends to join, like, and share pictures. Where you can: create (create event); connect (connect with vendors); execute (execute your event); and socialise (socialise with friends and family).

Using Mobile Apps A great way to access information, search and find, choose, and activate. Look for options for white label apps and online ticketing solutions. From messaging to interfacing with social media to networking to gaining valuable customer feedback – Mobile Apps now have the potential to change the game for you.

Payment Gateway One cannot discount the benefits of a safe and secure payment gateway. Convenience in many ways: quick and reliable funds transfer, payment tracking, availing coupons and deals, and so on.

Diverse functions at one place?

Automation enabling greater focus on event activities?

More control over time, cost, and logistics?

All these desirable enablers can now be accessed via Flikeve – a resourceful online event planning hub to plan, create, and organize your social, public, marketing, or corporate event.

Next post, how vendors can reach out to customers using innovative technology.

Your Planned Occasion: How to Avoid Risks and be Ready for Exigencies


If there is an event, there would be constraints and exigencies. Unwelcome ‘guests’ they are, who come knocking and then barge into our space leaving everything topsy-turvy!

Poor scheduling, unplanned activities, preemptive measures not in place, budget limitation, the list can go on. End result: dejected guests, peeved customers, dissatisfied partners, unhappy clients, discontented employees. But an experienced event management company leading from the front can be the panacea. Right? Or are there other factors in the pool?

 Prevention starts with identification. So, let’s start looking up: some typical situations and sure fixes.

 A plush gent’s lavatory at the convention centre. Everything checked and largely functioning – except for a slight leak in an overhead pipe noticed by a junior event executive. During the break, suddenly there is a hue and a cry – water pouring from that very pipe (which looked so harmless earlier!) has flooded the entire lavatory floor.

Result: Unhappy clients, discontented employees.

The mantra is communication: connect everyone, all the time. A risk assessment tool developed at the planning stage can be handy. While identifying factors that can impact budget and timeline, it helps to figure out ways to tone down risks.

Muted excitement in the audience as the chief guest arrives. It is time to present the garland and bouquet. But missing from action is the person designated to bring them on stage – he is outside, looking for the assigned vendor.

Result: Poor organizing and scheduling.

Select the right person for the correct job. A workforce plan outlining human resources, skill understanding, and workload review will help avoid much headache.

The audience is crooning to the band’s music. Good turnout, great ambience – perfect event for a Saturday evening. Organizers are congratulating each other. Suddenly there is complete silence – the music band has stopped playing. Reason: the audio system has crashed.

Result: Unplanned budgeting and cost overrun.

There is nothing called ‘over-planning’. An event schedule with a tracking mechanism to assess cost, timeline, and changes, and communicate to stakeholders is most useful. Tasks, activities, timetable, selecting people – an event planner is indispensable.

 So, searching for an experienced event management vendor who, while ably planning and executing, can handle risks and exigencies – where can we look for one? On the Flikeve platform, a resourceful online event planning hub offering search, explore, and select functions at a click! You can now plan your corporate and business event, conference, annual meet, or family day with ease – with Flikeve.

 In the next post, read how technology can help you plan your event even better!

Your Special Event: 4 Exciting Ideas and Themes to Make it a Success


So a guest arrives at a get-together.

An invitee, he is having a slow conversation with other guests.But lo and behold, suddenly he is swept along and made a co-MC – the co-driver of the evening’s proceedings!

He turns into an active catalyst shaping the overall experience of the occasion.

Impromptu, unpredictable, and definitely exciting, this participatory engagement seemingly on the spur infuses dynamism, which otherwise would have been hard to achieve.

Unique? A stand-apart experience? A participatory approach holds tremendous power to build cohesion in a group.

Here are more ways to liven up that special occasion you have been planning for a while now:

  • What’s in a quiz ? Individuals, groups, or teams – this fun-filled activity can be really tuned in to your needs. With competition in the air, there’s a lot of improvising that can be done. Commonly found information, anecdotes, facts, history, science, and geography can all be easily roped in to formulate tricky questions requiring even trickier answers! A quick-witted quizmaster only enhances the fun factor. Offers a great platform for public and personal events.
  • Only connect. Memorable words from a famous author. It is always a great occasion when you bring together people who have not met for a while. Geographical location, professional demands, travel, health issues – there can be many reasons keeping people from meeting each other oftener. This kind of get-together reunion can effectively engage a group of your clients and partners. So, create a platform, bring together your chosen group, and have a great time!
  • Sitting around the fire. Take up a particular theme, formulate questions around it, and then put them across to the participants for discussion and debate. A group gathered around a fire and openly conversing about issues is an age-old activity drawing inspiration from earliest recorded history. A great platform for personal and social events, it can be innovatively organized for corporate and marketing occasions. Long winter evenings are perhaps best suited.

Now, it may seem a costly affair to organize these theme-based events. Right? But have you actually searched and checked – rather, do you have the required tools to actually perform a custom search and check? Here Flikeve can be a helpful partner – your online event partner.

With Flikeve, you can search, explore, and select, guided by your idea and theme. You can gather information, locate that perfect venue, and create your own event. Making available resources for you to make meaningful decisions, Flikeve helps to convert that possibility into an actuality.

Events are serious business. So, next up would be common issues and problems to avoid in your planned occasion.

Event Planning: Creative Ways to Handle Common Problems


When you are commemorating a special occasion, celebrating achievement, organizing a trade show, or holding a conference – events involving many people, branding, and with a lot at stake – you need to be surefooted in your event planning.

Now, consider these:

Guests have arrived and, as soon as the principal speaker has uttered the very first words, there is a power cut. Backup power not planned (who thinks of power cuts these days?). – Budget exceeded.

Delicious spread on the table, with the cake taking the pride of place. Everyone is eagerly waiting for a slice. Eggless variant is yet to arrive. – Poor scheduling.

A 7-minute walk from vehicle parking to reception hall. The sky has been overcast and it starts pouring. Sheltered commute not in place. – Dissatisfied customers.

These are real scenarios. What can happen, often does happen! Now, most of the commonly experienced problems linked to managing events broadly relate to planning, communication, and managing the event team. So, what are the common issues and how can we adequately address them? Let’s see.

There is nothing like over-planning – think of everything from all possible angles and be prepared to handle every situation. Keep a bird’s eye view of things, while you get into the minutiae, the finer points, the detailing. Never lose perspective. From top to bottom, to the last detail: from venue, invitations, and food to equipment and entertainment. A detailed event schedule is most useful, keeping in mind you have adequate time to move from one item to the next.

  • Before the D-Day, there will be changes in your plan. It is a given. Important changes directly impact the budget and timeline. Think of a convenient tracking mechanism: assess impact on overall cost, review timeline, record changes, and communicate to stakeholders (team members and guests, including customers, clients, and partners).
  • You have the plan, right? Then try and stick to the plan. Many issues arise when one overlooks the roadmap, drawn up over many cups of coffee and late nights! The plan becomes invaluable to tackle last minute issues, missing items, and, importantly, budget shortfall. Think of an event planner: plot tasks, list activities, set down a timetable, select people suiting the work at hand, note down important contact numbers, and so on.

Communicate at all times. As they say, what can happen, often does happen. In spite of the best laid plans, things go awry. And, it becomes too late to save the situation. Surprise? Disbelief? Regret? Frustration? Disappointment? Emotions tumble over, one following the other. Try and develop a risk assessment tool early on at the planning stage to avoid hitting a wall later on and feeling bad all over. Use the risk assessment tool to identify factors that can impact budget and timeline, look at issues which can adversely affect your company’s brand image, and figure out ways to tone down risks.

Assign jobs to people best suited to the work at hand. Selecting the workgroup is critical to holding an event. There is always more to be done to adequately address this crucial pillar on which success of the event rests. Different aspects of an event demand varied skill sets from the team members. Think of a detailed workforce plan: include in-house people, vendors, and outsourced help, assess all members at the outset, understand skills, review workloads, and assign work.

Planning an event is serious business, especially if it involves a large group comprising your customers, clients, partners, and company employees. Without an experienced event management company leading from the front, the entire process can be dogged by problems at every turn. So it is absolutely imperative to select an experienced (not in terms of years, but in terms of proven track record) event manager – one who understands the requirements of the organizers and the needs of the guests, invitees, or attendees. A vendor who can effectively plan and ably execute; one who can handle risks and mitigate panic situations (if they arise!).

Good to assess problems and look at possible solutions. Essential to locate dependable event management companies and vendors. But where to look for them?

The answer lies in Flikeve, a resourceful online event planning hub that brings search, explore, and select functions to your fingertips! With Flikeve, you can now plan your music concert, family day, product launch, or wedding – a range of personal, public, and corporate events – with ease. Catering to a range of needs, budgets, and styles, Flikeve offers a unique, personalized, do-it-yourself experience.

Event Venue Hunting: 5 Things to Consider While Selecting Your Venue

Can you organize your event …
right in the middle of the ‘clean desert’ (as someone, many moons ago, eloquently put it!),or a serene stretch of the deep blue with waves gently touching your feet, or
high in the mountains among whispering oaks and soaring eagles?


There are limitless possibilities, but can they be roped in and achieved in reality?

Moving on from an earlier generic piece on organizing events, let us see what we can consider while selecting the right venue for that personal, professional, or public event.

• The first stop. What kind of event are we planning? A social occasion, academic seminar, product launch, family day, concert, executive retreat, or something else? Is this a one-time event or a half-yearly / annual occasion? Is there a dress code or will it be dress-as-you-please? Same venue or a set of locations in rotation?

• What we need – why we need. If it is a half-yearly / annual event, can we study past history: review and analyze aspects related to food, decor, etc.? For a one-time event, are we inspired by any particular theme or idea? Everything flows logically, once event objectives and goals are set!

• Of budgets and schedules. What about food and catering, setup and décor, travel, invitees (delegates, speakers, presenters, or entertainers), and security / emergency plans? When will the event take place? Is it a single, continuous event or does it have breakout sessions? Answers to these help to define the character and style of an event.

• Just the right space. What is the total meeting space required? Would a meeting room, large hall, conference / convention centre, hotel ballroom, or auditorium work or is open space required? Does the location have adequate parking space? Avoid space crunch or a big hall with only few present – balance is everything.

• Additional conveniences. Is valet parking available? Does the location offer Wi-Fi services? Are mobile charging stations readily available? Are there adequate recreational facilities? Always helps to organize that ‘extra’ for guests – clients, sponsors, partners, customers, and invitees!

It would be wildly exorbitant to host an event at a ‘Five Star’ establishment, for instance, in a top-notch city hotel – right? It is one thing to presume, another to actually be able to search and check. Here Flikeve can be your online event partner, a helpful mate!

Flikeve makes available resources to help you make meaningful decisions while selecting your event venue and much more. With Flikeve, you can gather information about vendors and services, search, explore, and select that perfect venue, and create your own event.

Next post, exciting ideas and themes for your special event!

Corporate and Business Events: The Search for a Comprehensive Planning Portal

Given the fast-paced times we live in, we often wonder if there is a resourceful online event planning hub that connects event management companies and vendors with interested clients and customers for organizing events, big and small.


More specifically, for corporate events and special business occasions like executive retreats, conferences, annual meets, and family days, is there a single destination which can satisfy all our event-related requirements?

In an Executive Retreat, employees generally meet at an offsite location to discuss, attend seminars, participate in team-building activities, etc. While a conference involves a formal meeting for discussion, debate, and consultation, an Annual Meet (or Annual General Meeting / AGM) occasions a coming together of the general membership of an organization for a range of business activities. On the fun side, a Family Day brings together employees often as part of a staff motivation programme, to celebrate company success, or to reward employees.

Returning to our initial query as to the availability of a one-stop-shop for planning events of all hues and colours, do we have such an online portal for ready help?

Yes, there is … Flikeve India Pvt Ltd.

Flikeve brings anything and everything related to event planning on one dedicated platform. Flikeve satisfies the requirements of both customers and vendors. Catering to a range of needs, budgets, and styles, the virtual portal offers a personalized and do-it-yourself experience.

 Unique offerings from Flikeve include a pan-India listing of event management companies and vendors, creating and customizing events, managing vendors and guest list through a single window, designing and sending invites, handling event checklists and schedules, alerts, and RSVP notifications, and selecting vendors based on location, budget, and customer review. So there is something for every customer and vendor: while customers can choose vendors at a standardized and competitive price, vendors are able to showcase their offerings and competitive edge to customers with different requirements.

 So for an event involving a small and select gathering or a large and diverse group, you now have access to a single destination for all your event-related requirements. With Flikeve you can now plan your event in a few clicks – you can now ‘Flikeve’ an event!

Social Events: Unique Occasions to Connect and Unite

Social events – for instance weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and get-togethers – bring together people at a given place and time for a special purpose. While get-togethers are generally small, informal, and casual meetings, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries are more formal occasions with ceremonial overtones.

Social Events

For the more formal social events, like a wedding, detailed planning is required once you have drawn up a working budget and settled on the date of celebration.

Though traditions and customs vary across cultures, in essence a wedding unites two people in marriage. The ceremonial part involving sacred rituals like exchange of marriage vows by the couple, public declaration of marriage by an authority figure, wearing of special wedding garments, and prayers or readings from religious literature aside, there is usually a wedding reception necessitating special care and attention. Based on needs, budgets and styles, wedding receptions involve a range of activities from invitations to venues to cuisine. And of course, decorators play a crucial role – the décor has to be in sync with the overall concept.

Similarly for planning birthdays and anniversaries a fair degree of organizing is required. While a birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth, an anniversary is the date on which an event took place in a previous year and commemorates or celebrates a past event.

Social events are special occasions which focus on specific audiences and hence hold special significance for hosts and invitees. Celebrating people, social events unite and connect individuals and offer unique opportunities to bring to life creative ideas.

If you have an important social occasion at hand which you need to plan and organize, how much help it would be to have a virtual social events organizer by your side! A platform which presents a pan-India listing of event management companies and vendors where you can select vendors based on location, budget, and customer review, offers unique solutions for you to create and customize your event, design and send invites, manage vendors and guest list through a single window, and avail features like event checklists and schedules, alerts, and RSVP notifications. Sounds like a dream – but now it is a reality!

A World of Events: Planning Your Events in a Few Clicks!

Representing special occasions and focusing on specific audiences, events have special significance for organizers and participants, hosts and invitees.


A quick look at a representative list of events shows the variety of occasions we celebrate and the unique nature of each event:

Social Corporate Marketing Public




Offsite Executive Retreat


Annual Meet

Family Day

Trade Show

Launch / Promotional Campaign

Press Conference

Workshop / Seminar


Award Night

Sports Event

Theme Party

Now, you want to plan your events. You want to choose vendors at a standardized price and organize events in just few clicks. You want to search vendors. Accessing pan-India listing of event management companies and vendors, you want to select vendors based on location, budget, and customer review. And, of course, you want to create your own event, customize as required, and also design and send invites. You want to have a do-it-yourself experience built around event planning services where you are able to manage vendors and guest list through a single window and avail features like event checklists and schedules, alerts, and RSVP notifications.

Well, your wait is over … you can trust Flikeve for all this and more!

Flikeve is a resourceful online event planning hub that connects event management companies and vendors with interested clients and customers. Flikeve caters to the requirements of both customers and vendors. With Flikeve, customers can choose vendors at a standardized price and plan events in just few clicks and vendors can showcase their offerings and competitive edge.

Flikeve brings anything and everything related to event planning on one dedicated platform to cater to a range of needs, budgets, and styles. It is a vendor discovery platform offering detailed information on vendors including invitations, venues, decor, and cuisine. This virtual portal is a service marketplace allowing customers the convenience of relevant information at their fingertips.

With option for white label apps and online ticketing solutions and offers of pax party deal packages for small events like team parties and get-togethers, Flikeve is also in the process of coming up with a unique online advertising solution.

Flikeve India Pvt Ltd offers one platform for a unique, personalized, do-it-yourself experience connecting demand and supply like never before!

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